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Our Experts

Dr. Sudarshan Kale

BAMS, MD (Ayurveda), PhD
9 Years experience
(500 patients)

Dr. S Abhinandana

BAMS MD (Ayurveda)
Gynaecologist & Women Wellness Expert
10 Years experience
(700 patients)

Dr. Pooja Vyas

BAMS (Ayurveda)
Diabetes, IBS, Allergic Rhinitis, Digestion Related Disorder, Arthritis
9 Years experience
(300 patients)

Anshika Jain

Masters In Clinical Psychology
Psychologist, Stress, Anxiety & Depression expert
4 Years experience
(250 patients)

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Talk to Ayurvedic Doctors, Mental Health Experts and Counsellors online at Life Chart

Life Chart is India's first alternative medicine and holistic wellness platform. We help people to maintain a balance between their mind, body, and soul. Through online counselling via call or chat.

If your internal thoughts are bothering you and keeping you awake at night, we have a pool of Psychologists & Mental Health Experts who can help you navigate through stressful situations. At Life Chart, we believe in treating illnesses from the root cause. Therefore if you feel any form of physical illness, we have the best ayurvedic doctor online consultation. Lastly, if you feel like you have a bucket list of questions that seems to be never-ending? Like, wondering when will you get married? When will you meet your true love? When will your business kickstart? Where will you find a job? And the list can keep going on? You've come to the right platform! with Life Chart's consultation on the phone, many people have found the solution to their unanswered questions by consulting our counsellors or experts.

Top reasons to get consultation on the phone?

* Get personalized solutions for your problems
* Decades of expertise assisting people in overcoming their challenges
* Access Psychologists, Ayurvedic Doctors, Counsellors, Lifecoach & Experts from anywhere at anytime
* Instantly connect within 60 seconds
* Get support 24/7 & guidance in many areas of your life via Holistic approach
* Tailored advice from life coaches, counsellors, psychologists to reduce stress and achieve a relaxed mind & body
* Root cause treatment of physical ailments without side effects.
* Affordable Prices

Services by Life Chart

We are India's first ever alternate to medicine & holistic wellness platform, where everything related to wellness is served. Our motto is to assist everyone in living a peaceful and happy life with our best offerings.

• Ayurvedic Doctor consultation

Ayurvedic consultation offers root cause treatment for chronic ailments; you may communicate with our Certified Ayurveda Experts who thoroughly analyze your problems and provide the best treatment that has no side effects and is 100% natural. Via online consultation, you can get solutions for diabetes, heart problem, stomach issues Sexual issues, Joint Pain, High Blood Pressure, Asthma, Kidney Issues, Skin Issue, Weight Loss, Liver problems etc.

• Mind Counselling-

We provide Online counselling with India's best Psychologists via call and chat. Your mental peace is important, and we are here to facilitate access to mental health care at an affordable price. Our motto is to help you connect with the top psychologists skilled and qualified in their disciplines to deliver the greatest online therapy, regardless of your geographic location. We quickly match you with India's No.1 psychologists in 60 seconds at affordable prices.

• Relation/Marriage Counselling-

Having a partner beside you through ups and downs is a blessing, but being together comes with challenges. A relationship or marriage requires understanding and courtship, but many external factors can affect the bond between two couples. This is where Life Chart relationship/marriage counselling comes into play. Our experts help resolve disagreements and prevent misunderstandings. As couples identify shared objectives and appreciate one another's motives and aspirations, this becomes much simpler.

• Career counselling-

As the corporate world opens ample opportunities, students or job seekers can get confused about which field to choose. Choosing a major and determining what profession you want to acquire after graduation are only two career development aspects. In other words, you will change during your life, circumstances will change, and you will constantly have to make decisions about your profession and your personal life. At Life Chart, we provide Career counselling to help individuals with the knowledge and abilities they need to make future career and life decisions.

Why Choose us?

At Life Chart, we strive to be your friend, confidant, and life coach to guide you through the ups and downs in your life. When you choose us, you choose your inner peace, happiness and accurate predictions.

1. We provide root cause solutions for your wellness needs.

Life chart is a holistic wellness platform, incepted with the belief that "prevention is better than cure". We aim to cure the root cause of your problems that stems from anxiety, stress, and hypertension. Our goal is to heal you by providing counselling from experienced Counsellors, Psychologists, Ayurveda Doctors & Experts.

2. We instantly connect you with Ayurveda Doctors, Coaches, and psychologists within 60 seconds.

Do you have anxiety, feel stressed over every problem, or are you feeling lost in your thoughts? Do you have conflicts with yourself, your family, or your societal place? Our experts are here to fulfill that emotional void. Physically are you suffering from illnesses? We have Ayurveda Doctor Online to help you understand the root cause of your problems & get personalized treatment. You're not the only one who feels this way; we have a pool of experts who cater to your soul, mind and body needs; we are here to listen to your problems and connect you with experts within 60 seconds.

3. Your privacy, our priority

When you choose Life chart, you choose a confidant who will keep your secrets safe! We assure 100% privacy.

4. Verified & most trusted experts/counsellors

We have a panel of verified & most experienced counsellors, psychologists, Ayurveda Doctors from various niches on board with us. We meticulously identify and select them through our 5 step onboarding rigorous process who help you navigate through challenges with their dependable advice.

5. Affordable

We like making your life simpler, connecting with your desired coaches at affordable rates, and finding peace.

Solve all your problems with us via online counselling

Love & Relationship

Does your loved one seem far away when physically present in front of you? Banish bitterness from your relationship before it increases to the next level.


A good marriage fosters growth and stability in personal life, positively impacting day-to-day activities. Get a consultation from marriage experts to improve the gaps in communication, closeness and commitment with your better half.

Anxiety, Stress, Hypertension, Depression

Take charge of your life and realize that fears, stress, and suffocating thoughts are valid. Take the plunge and start your healing journey; consult our psychologists or counsellors.

Sleep Disorder

Worry about the inability to fall asleep or staying up all night? Get relief without any medication.

Career & Finance

Job instability and financial losses can lead to stress. Get financial counselling & dig objectively at your income and spending patterns.

Life Purpose

Having a sense of purpose in life benefits your mental health and assists you in living a more satisfied and peaceful life. Find the purpose of your life and reconstruct even the most severe crises into chances for progress

Confidence/ Motivation

Low self-confidence can be the root cause of underlying diseases. Our experienced counsellors provide a safe space to help you discover the origin of your issues and motivate you to do better at every phase of your life.

Chronic Diseases

Get personalized and root cause solutions to chronic ailments from India's best Ayurveda Doctors only at Life Chart; we can help you treat.
Blood Pressure
Skin Issues
Hair fall
Heart problems
Kidney problems
Sexual issues