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When an individual is going through a challenging phase in his life, he desires nothing but to be heard and felt acknowledged. Moments like these can make or break a person and shape the upcoming life experiences! At Lifechart, we believe every individual face difficulties; the true magic lies in how we deal with them?

Lifechart is India's first alternative medicine and holistic wellness platform that caters to the overall wellbeing of individuals. We are India’s first platform to provide with a pool of Psychologists, Experts, Counsellors, Life Coach & Ayurvedic Doctors. We don't simply treat the symptoms; we look at the root of the problem to help you gain perspective, learn new skills, and live a better life. Our expert creates a safe and healing environment. Thus, allowing individuals to talk their minds and heart out.

Our sole purpose is to help people navigate their way out of issues like pain, stress, anxiety, depression, hypertension, sleep disorders, pre-diabetes, gut & heart related chronic ailments and make them achieve a more balanced relationship with themselves and people associated with them.


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