5 Tips to Calm Yourself Immediately

5 Tips to Calm Yourself Immediately

“A disciplined mind leads to happiness, and an undisciplined mind leads to suffering”Dalai Lama

Our world is moving fast, and sometimes when we move too fast, we forget to slow down for a breather. This results in stress and, many times anxiety of sorts. If you have ever been in this position where your nerves were heavy on you, or if you ever felt like the world is taking too much from you at a time, don’t worry; you’re not alone.

Stress can be induced for various reasons; sometimes, it is uninvited and pressures you into panicking, eventually leading to discomfort or delay in activities meant to be done comfortably. Various agents help reduce stress, and as infamous as ‘just calm down’ might be, calming down during such episodes is the only solution to seek. 

Rather than throwing a ‘just calm down on someone’s state, we can share the given 5 techniques through which one can calm themselves immediately, overcome stress and come out victorious in those difficult situations. 

  1. Count to 10

The first thing that comes to our mind is breath control and deep breathing. While this has been significantly the most utilised and sought-after solution, it has to be paired up with a little more to make it work completely. A simple trick is : 

– Close your eyes 

– Take a deep breath 

– Release it slowly 

– Repeat steps 2&3 again

– Slowly start counting while inhaling 

– Count till 10 

– Do the cycle at least 10 times for effective results

  A simple trick works wonders, provides relief instantly, and calms you down for good. 

  1. Move your body 

Many people might suggest that exercising helps a lot; while this is a fact, often just the word exercise seems heavy and affects negatively. So, a simple switch and easy transition can make this go away. See it as moving your body as you normally do every day.

– Stand or sit as per convenience. 

– Start lifting your arms and put them in the air

– Slowly move your arms in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions, respectively. 

– Slowly move your neck upwards and downwards.

– Concentrate on nothing but indulge in deep breathing throughout the process. 

  1. Listen to music 

Music that is preferably light and soothing to the ears so that you can focus on the rhythm and words of the song; it helps distract the mind from troubles and provides a healthy escape. 

  1. Drop your shoulders

A simple trick that can do wonders. When one suffers from stress body becomes stiff and loses comfort. To bring it back to comfort, take a deep breath and drop your shoulders along with your breath while exhaling. This literally feels like dropping all the pressure from your shoulders and helping you calm down. 

  1. Jot down

If you feel like your troubles aren’t escaping, try writing them down on paper. The best part of this process is no matter how difficult the situation is, you have a chance to erase whatever you have written. You can get the chance to examine it again from a different perspective after reading it out loud. 

These methods are tried and tested and clinically appropriate; spread the word. If the above tips make you feel your goal is not accomplished, you can always talk to us at Life Chart. Share your problems with our pool of psychologists, counsellors or experts, and we assure a non-judgement space where we respect your privacy.

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