Are you befooling your relation in the name of Love or Toxicity

Are you befooling your relation in the name of Love or Toxicity? 

We all enjoy being adored. We appreciate the idea of couples and relationships, but any connection requires effort on both sides. You may fight, disagree, and even want to give up, but if you trust one other and are ready to work on it, it will last longer. 

But if you feel there are trust issues between you and your partner, or you often feel anxious, stressed, or drained out with everyday arguments! Probably your relationship is not in a healthy space and it might negatively impact your mental health. 

How? Let us find out.


There are ups and downs in any relationship. When the bonding between two partners becomes weak it starts turning toxic without you knowing it. You may want to stretch it out because you believe you love your spouse. The fundamental cause of a troubled relationship is a lack of trust. Both of you frequently distrust each other, quarrel over minor matters, and become frustrated with each other. When one is insecure, they constantly question the other and occasionally impose their decisions on others. In extreme cases, such issues can also lead to an abusive relationship. Before we proceed further, we should know the difference between an abusive and unhealthy relationship. An unhealthy relationship might involve a power imbalance, being mean, ignoring boundaries, or pressuring one person to do things they aren’t comfortable with. In an abusive relationship, one partner controls the other completely. Remember that no matter what, you deserve a rapport based on kindness and respect.


Your relationship is toxic if it generally revolves around a few things such as:

 1. Blaming 

 2. Guilt-tripping

 3. Ignorance and coldness

 4. Controlling behaviour by monitoring partner’s social media accounts and messages

 5. It always comes to “I did this because you did that” or “I am doing this because I love you.”

 6. Your partner might manipulate you in this by convincing you that they are doing this because they care for you

This behaviour is toxic in itself. Remember, anger, violence, and control are not expressions of love, and that behaviour is not healthy and is unsafe. When a relationship begins to drain you, makes you emotionally tired, and you begin to see patterns of disrespect, you should consider them as indications of a toxic relationship.


In each relationship, there are highs and lows. Highs make you feel memorable and happiest, whereas lows frustrate and dishearten you. You want to share your problems with someone, but you fear being judged and ridiculed. Life Chart has a solution for this!

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