Prajakta Apte

About Me

I am a Ayurveda believer, I am Ayurveda practitioner with a post graduate degree in Ayurveda from MUHS (Maharashtra University of health sciences). Ayurveda teaches us to find the rootcause and treat the disease with Indivulistic approach. My approach is the same. Ayurveda can surely provide better alternative treatment for lifestyle disorders like diabetes, obesity, hormone disorders like PCOD, Thyroid, joint diseases rheumatoid arthritis, Osteo arthritis, and Gastrointestinal diseases like GERd, collitis, IBS and allergies, etc.

Our Skills


14 Years

Lanugage Known

Marathi Hindi English

Expertise Name

IBS Ayurveda Doctor

Charges Rate

CALL -> 10.00
CHAT -> 10.00


Ayurveda Doctor Doctor - Gastric Issues