Roshni Prajapat

About Me

Roshni has deep rooted interest in Astrology, She has consulted 10000+ customer with highest level of satisfaction & scientific reasoning, root cause analysis of problem thus solutions offered, remedies suggested, based on natal birth charts/horoscopes, Nakshatra, Dasha, Chalit Kundali, using Vedic astrology and KP system. She firmly believes Astrology is most beautiful gift and Mathematical Framework designed for each persons life forces uniquely by Supreme God and can only be interpreted by whom he chose to be Acharya like doctor or physician, therefore it is great responsibility towards society for its betterment by deciphering this mathematical model, interpreting the roles of planets and their qualities, signs, houses and creating a synthesis to formulate a complete & comprehensive pictures of the person & his potential to pursue best of it. She is an expert of solving problems and answering questions related to Finance, Career, Higher Education, Marriage, Foreign/Overseas Travel etc.

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6 Years

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Hindi English

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Career & Business Legal Matters Love & Relationship Marriage

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CALL -> 12.00
CHAT -> 12.00


Astro Expert Vedic Astrologer