Asawari Prasad

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I met a guy in Bangalore, we met in a social gathering. We became friends and started spending a lot of time together. Gradually, we started liking each other and used to meet daily. But after a few months, he became a little distant and daily conversation stopped. It was disturbing because if you get someones attention every day and then suddenly he withdraws all the emotions, detaches himself from you, its heartbreaking. Although he made it clear that he did not want a serious relationship as he had bad experiences in the past. So I decided to stop talking to him as my mental health was getting affected. I started working on myself and started introspecting. Its really important to love yourself. Lets talk if you need help with such situations. I am a person who is an extroverted introvert. I am compassionate about helping people out. As a life coach, I have been taught how to question people in a way that they can introspect and deep dive. In this way, they can find their answers. I have learned a lot of techniques that could help them solve their problems.

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3 Years

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Anxiety Stress Marriage Love & Relationship Loneliness Depression

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