Femitha Rachel Ebby

About Me

I never chose to be a therapist; instead the profession chose me. The very moment I ended my first session with my first client ever, it had become clear to me that this was something I could do all my life without any doubt. As someone who has always wanted to pursue literature and arts, this was a mere speculation on my end in the beginning, until I found myself work towards making my clients' lives better spaces for them. I chose to be a therapist, because sometimes all I ever need as a human being is someone to lend an empathetic ear. That's what I choose to be, in a world full of busy people.

Our Skills


2 Years

Lanugage Known

Malyalam Hindi English

Expertise Name

Anxiety Stress Wealth and Property Depression

Charges Rate

CALL -> 10.00
CHAT -> 10.00


Psychologist Psychologist - Healor