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Ashish Kumar Jha

Star Star Star Star Star
30 total
  • Stress, Sexual Issues, Marriage, Love & Relationship, Legal Matters, Goverment Job, Career & Business, Anxiety
  • Exp: 5 Years
  • Hindi

Munn Lifechart

Star Star Star Star Star
100 total
  • Sexual Issues, Depression
  • Exp: 8 Years
  • Hindi, English

Mahipal Dave

Star Star Star Star Star
4 total
  • Stress, Career & Business, Anxiety
  • Exp: 3 Years
  • Hindi, Gujarati, English

Shubhangi Yadav

Star Star Star Star Star
25 total
  • Stress, Marriage, Career & Business, Anxiety
  • Exp: 5 Years
  • Hindi, English

Siddhant Bilthare

Star Star Star Star Star
2 total
  • Love & Relationship, Career & Business, Anxiety
  • Exp: 4 Years
  • Hindi, English

R. Meenaka

Star Star Star Star Star
20 total
  • Stress, Love & Relationship, Financial, Depression
  • Exp: 2 Years
  • Tamil, Hindi, English

Akshay Tiwari

Star Star Star Star Star
4 total
  • Stress, Love & Relationship, Depression
  • Exp: 8 Years
  • Hindi, English

Femitha Rachel Ebby

  • Wealth and Property, Stress, Depression, Anxiety
  • Exp: 2 Years
  • Malyalam, Hindi, English

Who are we ?

Lifechart is India’s first ever alternative medicine and Holistic Wellness Platform. We provide access to trusted & confidential online counselling from experienced counsellors & experts who can assist you in dealing with challenging experiences that may stem from stress, anxiety, or relationship issues.

Our aim is to assist individuals to achieve holistic wellness and help them to heal, discover and grow by focusing on person’s personal experiences. Our counsellor helps you to express your feelings, evaluate them, and understand the concepts that cause them. They pay close attention to you and assist you in achieving a sane mind.

What improves with Counselling

Love & Relationship

Does your loved one seem far away when physically present in front of you? Banish bitterness from your relationship before it increases to next level.


A good marriage fosters growth and stability in personal life which impacts positively on day-to-day activities. Get consultation from marriage experts to improve the gaps in communication, closeness and commitment with your better half.

Anxiety, Stress, Hypertension, Depression

Take charge of your life and realize through fears, stress, and suffocating thoughts are valid. Take the plunge and start healing journey, consult our counsellors.

Sleep Disorder

Worry about the inability to fall asleep or staying up all night? Get relief without any medication

Career & Finance

Job instability and financial losses can lead to stress. Get financial counselling & dig objectively at your income and spending patterns.

Life Purpose

Having a sense of purpose in life is beneficial to your mental health and assists one in living a more satisfied and peaceful life. Find the purpose of your life reconstruct even the most severe crises into chances for progress


A low self confidence can be the root cause of underlying diseases. Our experienced counsellors provide a safe space to help you discover the origin of your issues.

How We Work ?

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Testimonials/Customer Speaks

Let's hear what our clients say about us

We believe our clients are the best brand ambassadors. Below mentioned testimonials are just a window to services offered by our experts, let’s learn about what our happy clients say about their journey with us.

Our Services

Why Choose Lifechart

We care for your spiritual wellness needs

Lifechart is a holistic platform incepted with a cause to cater to chronic ailments by seizing Indian values of Yoga, Therapy, Ayurveda, Naturopathy. Our goal is to assist every individual to Discover, Heal and Grow.

Your privacy, our priority

When you choose Lifechart you choose a confidant who will keep your secrets safe! We assure 100% privacy.


We are here to listen to your problems

Do you have anxiety, feel stressed over every problem, or are you feeling lost in your own thoughts? Do you have conflicts with yourself, your family, or your place in society? Our experts are here to fulfil that emotional void. You're not the only one who feels this way, our healing coach are here to listen to your problems & help you find a way to deal with them.

Verified & most trusted experts/counsellors

We have a panel of verified & most experienced counsellors & experts from various niches on board with us. We meticulously identify and select them through our 5 step onboarding rigorous process who help you navigate through challenges with their dependable advice.

Meet the Therapists

Pave your way towards spiritual wellness with globally acclaimed life coach

A healthy & sane mind leads to a healthy lifestyle, isn’t it? At Lifechart, we bear the penchant to be India’s first ever Holistic platform thus, leaving no stone unturned to cater to your spiritual and wellness needs. We use 4000-year-old occult Indian values of therapy, yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, healings, naturopathy, and organic nutrition to address wellness issues like anxiety, stress, hypertension, sleep disorders, pre-diabetes, gut & heart related chronic ailments. Our wellness/ healing coaches are here to help you on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

Our Programme
Book a session with us

Take the plunge and ask the questions related to your personal life, love life, career, marriage, counselling or health related concerns with our counsellors.

We are not just here to lend you our ears but also, combining the experience & expertise in their respective fields our experts will prove to be your chariot to canoe you down through any challenge in life.

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1. Why should I choose Lifechart?

At Lifechart, our aim is to promote holistic & sustainable well being for each and every individual. It can be achieved when you prevent the root cause of your problems that may stem from challenging experiences like trauma, anxiety, hypertension, stress, depression, health issues, sleep disorders. These issues can hamper your inner peace and create issues in your day to day life. We house, experts & counselors who help you overcome through any tough phase in your life. So when India’s best counselors are onboard with LifeChart, there is no reason to worry!

2. What services are offered by lifechart?

When it comes to paving your way towards a mindful and peaceful life, you can always count on us! At Lifechart, we provide our customers with counselling from experts from different niches. Any individual who is facing issues in their relationship, marriage, business, career or personal life can consult with our experts. Our counsellors are well trained to address issues like anxiety, stress, hypertension, sleep disorder, pre-diabetes, get & heart-related chronic ailments.

3. How to get in touch with counsellors/experts?

You can reach out to our counsellors/experts through our official website and Lifechart App. You can connect with them via call or chat. All you have to do is log in to Lifechart app, and on your first consultation, you will get an exclusive offer of Rs.21 in which you avail talk time of Rs.121. You may recharge your wallet and connect with other experts for a quick consultation.

4. How to find counsellor I’m looking for?

The easiest approach to find counsellor/ area expert is to sort by category and then choose the top counsellor based on what other people have said about them. Our service is of the highest quality, and you can count on it.

5. My conversation with the counsellor is confidential?

Absolutely yes! Trust is the building stone of LifeChart. We assure 100% privacy to our customers. The conversation between you and your counselor remains between the two of you only. We don’t share your personal information with any third party.

6. Can I speak to the same counsellor if I call a second time?

Yes, you can! We provide our users with an easy interface; once you open the Lifechart app or website, you will see the profile of the same counsellor. Tap on their profile, and shortly you will be connected to them at Lifechart. All you have to do is, remember the name of the expert you spoke with. If they went offline, you would have the option to schedule your call/chat as per their hours of availability. For further assistance, you can reach out to our customer care team at support@Lifechart.in As soon, as we get your request, our team will contact you & connect you at a convenient time to speak with your chosen counsellor.